Executive Protection

Executive Protection

SARKA Group, LLC provides corporate executives and high-profile individuals and their families protection from risks while at home or traveling.  SARKA agents are former military and law enforcement specialists, who possess a broad skill set that they will apply to each unique situation in a professional and discreet manner.  Our agents are not only experienced in tactical operations, they are strategic planners as well.  They will develop a protection plan catered to your individual needs so you can go about your regular routine confident in your safety and security.  Our agents are trained to “blend in” and maintain a low profile while protecting our clients. You get safety, security and the ability to concentrate on your business, instead of worrying about ours. We pride ourselves in our client-focused approach to service delivery, which includes armed and unarmed close executive protection, high-business value asset transport, vehicle escort services and residential or commercial counter surveillance.

We are a fully licensed and insured Executive Protection Agency.

Washington Private Investigations Agency license: #2180

Washington Armed Private Investigator Principal: #4111

Oregon Armed Private Investigator: #64122