Another tragedy has struck our nation with the attack in Sutherland Springs. In a time of increased tensions in our nation we are grimly reminded that violence can occur when we least expect it.

Regardless of our political and social opinions on the matters at hand there are thing we all can do to give us an edge if the unfortunate were to strike us. Media technology has gifted us with endless information at our fingertips, use this resource to learn valuable life saving skills. First aid and trauma care information is readily available though online or classrooms, often with step by step instructions. Instructional videos such as RUN.HIDE.FIGHT can teach you ways to survive workplace attacks.

But the most effective way to prepare yourself for emergencies of any kind is to make a plan. Gather your family or workplace or church staff and set up a step by step plan for emergency management. Set up primary, secondary, and tertiary exit plans and individual personnel assignments. Decide whether or not additional security is needed. Physically practice these plans to find flaws or ways to make them more effective. The average police response time is 11 minutes. It is crucial that you spend that time saving as many lives as you can.

Have a plan, practice it often, be ready for the worst.